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Electives in the Master in Psychology

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Electives in the Master in Psychology programme

In Monday's info-session about the internship and the thesis, Sjir Uitdewilligen and Gill ten Hoor also joined to explain the introduction of electives in the Master in Psychology programme.

Next week, the information about electives will be available on AskPsy-webpages. For now, we already link  to the most important sites and files.



Starting this academic year (2023-2024), several electives are offered in the Master in Psychology programme, these offer you the opportunity to expand your professional skills.

These courses take place in period 3 and 4 and offer you the opportunity to expand your professional skills. Instead of those 5-week-electives, you can also decide to work on a 10-week individual elective (a project under the supervision of an FPN staff member)  or a 10-week practical internship in an organization.

Not in combination with clinical internship

If you are a student of the specialisation Neuropsychology,  please note that the clinical internship cannot be combined with electives.



Note: These documents will be replaced by a webpage.


Available electives

See your programme on curriculum.maastrichtuniversity.nl and the Academic Calendar on AskPsy.
Cognitive Neuroscience
Developmental Psychology
Health and Social Psychology
Legal Psychology
Work and Organisational Psychology

Dates and deadlines

1 Oct: give preference. Online form >>
1 Dec: Deadline choice for Individual elective or Practical internship elective.
1 Nov: You hear what elective you are assigned to.

Application procedure

Use the Online form >>


Contact persons for the Electives in the Master in Psychology (1YMA)
Sjir Uitdewilgen      034 38 84324   

Gill ten Hoor       043 38 82465gill.tenhoor@maastrichtuniversity.nl
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