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How to get your diploma by post

We offer the option to receive the diploma by post (courier) at no additional charge.  Once you received the e-mail confirmation that your diploma is ready, you can request this option.  From request to delivery, it takes about 7 working days (Europe) to 9 working days (rest of the world). For you, the 'diploma by post' -service is free of charge.

You are welcome at the graduation ceremony

If your graduation date is 31 March 2021 or earlier, you are welcome at the graduation ceremony (14 and 15 May 2021). Even if you already received your diploma by post.


What if my diploma gets lost or damaged?

We use DHL Courier Delivery to get the documents to you. DHL emails you the track-and-trace information, so that you can follow the progress. Although rare, your diploma can get damaged or - even worse - get lost. Should this happen, please note that we can only send you certified copies of the diploma and the transcript (list of grades).

Digital alternatives

In the DUO diploma register you can quickly and easily check your diploma details and download a digital copy of these. When used in its digital form (not printed!), it has the same status as a certified copy of your diploma. If you need a printed version, or want to eliminate any potential issues, request the 'diploma by post'. We can also email you a certified copy of the diploma. See Graduation documents for more information.


How to get your diploma by post

 We will always inform you by e-mail when your diploma is ready. If you did not get this email, we do not have your diploma.

Follow these steps:

1 • Make a scan/picture of your UM-card.

2 • Make a scan/picture of your national identity card.
      Write the objective + date on the scan/picture. Cross out your
      social security number (BSN), which is also in the machine readable strip at the bottom.

3 • Create a new message via the AskPsy contact form.
      You will need your UM (alumni) account to do this. Password reset >>

4 • Paste the text shown below, into the form.  Insert your information.

5 • Add the scans/pictures of your UM-card and identity card to the message.

6 • Submit your request.


'Diploma by post': paste this into the request 

- With this email, I request my diploma plus supplements 
to be send by post. I have read and understood the 
information presented on http://www.askpsy.nl/diploma-by-post, 
and accept the risk that my diploma can get lost or damaged in transit.

- The Board of Examiners has informed me that my diploma is ready.

- I attached a copy of my UM card 
  AND my national identity card.

- My details are as follows:

Awarded degree:

My given name(s):
My last name:
My student number:
My date of birth:

My phone number (intl. format): +
 (The postal service also needs this.)
My alternative email address:


- I certify that the information submitted is 
  true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Date and place:

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