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Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony is a special moment where we welcome our graduates to celebrate their achievement.  Join us for this festive final of your programme.

This year the ceremonies are on Friday 24 November 2023 (Ma, RM) and Saturday 25 November 2023 (Ba, Intl. WOP, MMH and FM).

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Can I bring guests?

Off course,  it wouldn't be fun without them. You can bring 4 guests.  Contact the organisers if you have guest related questions.


Can I still attend the ceremony if I decide to pick up my diploma earlier?

Yes. You probably want your diploma earlier because you need to prove that you graduated. Have a look at 'Graduation Documents" first.

Email invitation: also on your private email address

We will send the invitations to your UM email address and the private email address that you used to sign up for StudieLink.

Livestream Graduation Ceremony

If you are unable to join us onsite in the MECC, we will stream the Graduation Ceremony. This way you can still be part of the celebration. You can also share the livestream with family and friends to watch from anywhere in the world. Of course, this is also goes for students who are onsite. You will receive the link for the livestream a week before the Graduation Ceremony.



Graduation Ceremonies  2023

Friday 24 November 2023

The begin and end times include all elements of the event:
registration, ceremony and drink afterwards.

09:15-12:00 hrs 

Master in Psychology,
• Specialisation Developmental Psychology
• Specialisation Health and Social Psychology
• Specialisation Legal Psychology

12:45-15:30 hrs   

Master in Psychology,
• Specialistion Cognitive Neuroscience
• Specialistion Neuropsychology
• Specialistion Work and Organisational Psychology

17:00-19:30 hrs

Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
(All specialisations)



Saturday 25 November 2023

The begin and end times include all elements of the event:
registration, ceremony and drink afterwards.

09:30-13:00 hrs

Bachelor in Psychology (morning session)

12:00-14:00 hrs

International Join Research Master in Work and Organisational Psychology

13:30-15:30 hrs

Master Mental Health

15:00-17:00 hrs

Master in Forensic Psychology

16:00-19:00 hrs

Bachelor in Psychology (afternoon session)






Questions about the formal procedure
and the administrative process:

FPN Education Office
Questions about the ceremony,
such as guests, times etc.:

FPN Marketing & Communication

Wendy Beuken
Events Coordinator

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