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Graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony is a special moment where we welcome our graduates to celebrate their achievement.  We will send the invitations to your UM email address and the private email address that you used to sign up for StudieLink.


31-05-2021: exact times will be announced later.
Graduation Ceremonies  2021
Friday 26 November 2021
Mecc Maastricht
• 1-Year Master in Psychology
• Master Mental Health
• Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Saturday 27 November 2021, Mecc Maastricht• Bachelor in Psychology (2 sessions)
You will be able to register for the session of your choice, but first come, first served.
• Master in Forensic Psychology
• International Joint Master of Research in WOP






Ceremony related questions: fpn-gradceremony@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Other questions: Askpsy.nl/contact


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