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Guide support services FPN students

As you navigate your academic journey, we understand that various challenges may arise. Whether it is related to your studies, finances, mental well-being, social safety, legal matters, or other aspects of student life: we have got you covered.

Here is a guide to the support services available to you. Feel free to explore these resources to make the most of your university experience. We are here to support you every step of the way!

Study-related issues

Study planning, academic progress, academic support


Financial problems

Student finance, financial support

  • UM Student deans: Assistance with questions about financial support, tuition fees, and student finance.

  • Financial support: Explanation of various funds and financial support options within UM.


Mental well-being

Stress, anxiety, depression


Legal matters

Conflicts related to study regulations; filing an objection/appeal/complaint


Social safety and discrimination

Sexual intimidation, aggression/violence, bullying, discrimination, unfair treatment


Other support

Career opportunities, housing


International students

Services especially for international students living in Maastricht
  1. International Student Helpdesk: Aid with translations, contacting Dutch institutions, and navigating administrative processes.

  2. Visa Office: Assistance with residence permit issues and study progress requirements.

  3. My Maastricht: A comprehensive information platform covering health, transportation, housing, finances, events, sports, and more.


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