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Absent at exam

If you cannot attend an exam, for whatever reason, and you do not have alternative exam arrangements, you do not have  to notify the faculty.  However, we would appreciate it if  you cancel any courses and exams via the Student Portal, so that we can allocate time and resources efficiently. This is only possible during the booking window of the exam or course and cannot be done outside of this timeframe. 


Students with alternative exam arrangements: action required

The only exception is students who have an alternative arrangement for their exams: they must notify us of their absence so any (costly) arrangements can be altered or cancelled on time. Please send notice via the AskPsy contact form, or by reply to the email that contained the details of your arrangement.

Please note that if you are absent without sending prior notice, you forfeit your right to the alternative exam arrangement. You need to contact the Exams Coordinator by sending a message through the contact form on AskPsy.

What happens if you are absent for an exam?
If you are registered for an exam and you do not take that exam, NG (=not graded) will appear as the result. (Unless you have a previous grade for that course.)

This 'NG'  does not affect your GPA: the GPA is calculated over the courses you passed. It will not appear on the transcript with your diploma, nor does it prevent you from graduating with distinction (cum laude).  It may however, affect your eligibility for MaRBLe  or tutoring at UM.

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