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Results & Inspection


Requirements for passing a module/course

To receive the credits for a course, you need to fulfill the requirements listed in the Exam and Education Regulations. For many courses this means you must pass the exam and have fulfilled the attendance obligation.

Some courses also include one or more practical(s). If you do not pass a related practical it is not possible to receive a pass for such a course until you pass the related practical(s). Your result for the course will be noted as a Fail in the Student Portal until you pass the practical(s). A complete overview of the courses and the related practical(s) can be found in the Course Overviews

Grading calculations & rounding off

Grades are awarded on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0.
The grades for course exams and assessments are rounded off to the nearest whole or half number. Decimals <0.25 or >0.75 will be rounded off to the nearest whole number.

Bachelor only: exams that are graded between 5.1-5.4 will be rounded off to 5.0 and those that are graded as 5.5-5.9 will be rounded off to 6.0.
You pass an assessment when a grade of 6.0 or higher has been obtained.



Exam results

Exam results
The results of an exam will be announced within 15 working days after the exam. Your final mark for the exam will appear in the student portal once the results have been processed. The coordinators often publish the preliminary results in the course (Student Portal > Course details), please note that these marks may differ from the final result.

Exam Inspection
You have the right to review a written examination. The course coordinator is responsible for the announcement and organisation of the exam review. The time and date of the review is usually mentioned in the course environment on the portal. More about Exam Inspection >>

Check your results
In May the Board of Examiners sends all students a request to check their study results. Please check whether your study results in the Student Portal are correct, and respond if you find any errors.


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