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Rules of Procedure for Exams

The UM-wide Rules of Procedure for Examinations English pdf (in Dutch: Reglement van Orde bij Toetsen Dutch pdf) have been drafted to ensure that exams are held in an orderly fashion. All students are expected to have read and understood the Rules of Procedure when they come to the exams. If you do not comply with these Rules of Procedure this may be reported to the Board of Examiners. If you do not comply with the Rules of Procedure there may be severe consequences, such as your exam result being declared invalid. 

The most important rules are:

1. Be on time

  • No students will be admitted to the exam room once the doors are closed. No exceptions will be made, not for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, delays/accidents in public transport, flat tyres and traffic jams.

2. Provide proof of identity (UM card)

  • In order to take the exam you have to provide proof of identity, preferably by means of the UM card  because the UM card contains your student number. Please make sure that your UM card has a clearly visible recent photo of you. A valid original passport, ID-card or European driver's licence is also accepted as proof of identity.
  • Copies, photos or scans are not accepted, nor are any other documents. Students who cannot provide proof of identity will not be allowed to sit the exam, and need to leave the exam room immediately.

3. No mobile phones (or electronic communication devices)

  • Mobile phones or other communication devices are not permitted and must be put away in your bag and out of reach. 
  • Carrying a mobile phone on your person (in your pockets) will be reported as attempted fraud to the Board of Examiners, and may have severe consequences.

4. No wristwatches

  • With the advent of smartwatches the UM has decided that students are not allowed to use a (wrist)watch during exams. Large, clearly visible clocks will be placed in the exams hall.
  • Carrying a (wrist-)watch on your person (in your pockets) will be reported as attempted fraud to the Board of Examiners, and may have severe consequences.

5. Limited visits to the toilets

  • The number of toilet visits is limited to once for an exam of two or three hours. For exams longer than three hours in duration, you may make use of two toilet visits. The toilets are closed during the first and last half hour of an exam.
  • If you need to use the toilet, please signal the inviligator.
  • If due to a medical necessity a student may have to make more than the maximum number of toilet visits permitted during the examination, the student must inform the Head (or other) Invigilator before the examination and present preferably a document from the Board of Examiners or student adviser granting permission for this.

6. Food and Drinks

  • Food: preferably no food, but certainly no more than two packaged snacks, such as energy bars.
  • Drinks: no more than a one-litre bottle or two half-litre bottles of still water (no cans, no other drinks).
  • In case of a medical necessity to deviate from the above restriction on refreshments during examinations, the student in question must communicate this fact in advance to the Head (or other) Invigilator by producing a statement drawn up by Disability Support.

7. Calculators

  • The only calculators that are allowed at FPN exams are the non-programmable Casio FX-82 or the Casio FX-85. All subtypes of these models are allowed, e.g. Casio FX-82MS or Casio FX-85ES.
  • Please note that calculators are only permitted for certain exams. If a calculator is permitted, the course coordinator will inform you at the start of course via the course manual and/or the course information on the Student Portal.

8. Handing in the exam

  • Before the end of the exam time: wait for permission from the invigilator to bring your exam to the front of the block. Please bring all your belongings and leave the exam hall immediately and quietly.
  • When the exam time is over: stop writing and remain seated until the invigilator has collected the exam at your table. Any attempt at writing or talking will be reported to the Board of Examiners.

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