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What you should know about resits

  • You need to book your resits during the appropriate exam registration booking window*.
  • Booked resits will be added to the timetable directly after the Exam Registration window closes.
  • See the exam schedule for the exact dates and times of all exams and resits.
  • You cannot resit any exams that you have passed.
  • The highest mark out of your attempts counts as your mark.
  • If you do not pass the attendance requirement for a course, any exam grade will not be valid.
  • Destinctions, for example Cum Laude or Summa Cum Laude, may require that you passed at once (no resits for a course). Consult the EER of your programme.

NB: The Education Office books all courses and exams (incl. resits) for:
• Exchange programme (incoming)
• Master Mental Health
• Pre-master Mental Health
• International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology



Two exam (resit) opportunities per year

For every course the faculty offers two exam opportunites per academic year. Students who fail the initial exam can take the resit later that year. If you fail both the initial exam and the resit, the next chance to resit the exam will be the first exam of the next academic year.

Exam momentWhen to book How to book
Resit later in the year
During the short exam registration periods.
  • Either via the student portal
  • or directly in MyUM ('Exam registration')

First exam
(course exam)

During the long course registration period.
  • Either via the student portal
  • or directly in MyUM ('Course registration')

Select 'Takes exam only' during booking.
Bonus: this includes access to the course details

 If you did not use the 'Takes exam only' option, you can also register the exam in the exam registration period.Either via the student portal
  • or directly in MyUM ('Exam registration')

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