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Canvas: Attendance registration for teachers and tutors

FPN is one of the faculties with attendance requirements for tutorial groups.  The so-called 'Roll Call' functionality in Canvas is a way to register the attendance in an easy way.

How it works

Although 'Roll Call' is fairly self-explanatory, here a short video on how to use it, and what the student sees.


Questions and Answers

So I can toss away the Excel sheet?


Is it necessary to mark those who are absent?

Yes. 'Roll Call' is just a simple counter, unaware of the number of tutorial group meetings. So if you do not mark someone as absent (or present), nothing will be registered.

What does the 'late' marking mean?

If you click through the possible markings, you see 'present', 'absent' and'late'. In Roll Call,  'late' counts as 'being present'. This conflicts with the attendance obligation , where 'being late' is not an option.  Avoid this confusion altogether and just use 'present' or 'absent'.

Can I use 'Roll Call' to register other attendance in the same course?

No.  Please don't do that.  'Roll Call' is just a simple counter that counts all 'present' and 'absent' markings.  Registering multiple attendances in the same course,  for example a tutorial group and a lecture attendance, returns confusing results. Only use 'Roll Call' for one purpose within a course.

Using Roll Call for multiple purposes within a course = confusing student view

What if a student switches tutorial group?

Processing an approved tutorial group change can take a few days. It can happen that the student attends the new group before FPN scheduling made the needed changes. That is not a problem, contact FPN-Tutor@maastrichtuniversity.nl  for more information.

I have a student in my group who is not in my 'roll call' - overview, now what?

Ask the student if he/she has access to the course. Not enrolled in the course means that there is probably something wrong with the course booking. Enrolled in the course but not enrolled in a tutorial group?  That might be an administrative error.

Please refer the student to Askpsy.nl/contact. Once the student is enrolled in the correct tutorial group, you can retroactively register his or her attendance.


How can I see the statistics of  a student?

Click the button 'more' for a basic overview. In this example, you see that this mock account has '2 present' and '1 absent' registrations.
Statistics of one student:

There is no view that shows you the actual dates of these registrations. If the student has  a question about an incorrect registration as 'absent', have the student look under 'grades' in the course.

Can the student see what has been registered?

Yes. Under 'grades' and 'assignments', there is an item named 'attendance'. Opening this item will show the total number of registered days, plus the exact dates marked as 'absent'. There is no list of the days marked as 'present'.
Student view:

Who processes the 'roll call' attendance data?

The exam administration downloads the attendance data.

Can  I export the data myself?

Yes,"Export Attendance Data' works. But its output is still not very user friendly, with just a line per combination of person and date.

Export function:


FPN-Tutor@maastrichtuniversity.nl is your first point of contact for any tutor related questions, including Canvas functions such as Roll Call. Where needed, your message will be forwarded to the right specialist.
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