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Video in Education: info for teachers and tutors

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General tips
Available tools

I want to live stream & record my lecture
I want to upload a video / pre-record a lecture
I want to re-use an old lecture recording
I want to schedule tutorial group meetings

• Tips and Tricks
     My Mediasite
     Mediasite Desktop Recorder
     Blackboard Collaborate Ultra



- The course instructor creates individual meeting links for lectures.
- The tutor creates a recurring meeting link for the tutorial group.
- The course instructor is urged to allow the option to download a video.
- Mediasite is the only allowed platform to view recordings. Also recordings from Zoom or Collaborate.
- Below is more information that you should read.

General tips

Let's start with general tips to reduce stress during your meetings:

• When you start a powerpoint presentation, your entire screen will be occupied by powerpoint. Switching between applications can be complicated. A second monitor is a great addition, so that can see the chat and/or your presentation notes.

• Use a wired internet connection. Turn Wifi off. (Airplane mode)

• Start your meetings 10 minutes in advance, so everyone can join in time.

• Depending on the size of the group, you might want have a dedicated (chat)moderator.

• Turn off any alert sounds or popups. For example Outlook sounds.



Available tools

Tools for day to day educational activities


Mediasite recorder in lecture halls

Mediasite Desktop recorder


Collaborate Ultra

Zoom Meeting

What is it?Hardware to record + live stream lecturessoftware to record presentations.

Website (partially in Canvas) to upload clips and manage desktop recordings.

Browser based
Browser and software
based conferencing
How to use?Contact the
Education Office
Download  the application
Canvas course > collaborateCanvas course > Zoom
User limitmax 600 concurrent live viewersmax 300 concurrent
viewers UM wide
max 250 live participants
(500 after selecting 'large')
max 300 live participants
  Tips & tricks >>Tips & tricks >>Tips & tricks >>Tips & tricks  >>

Tools for special educational activities

Special educational activities, such as meetings with simulated patients or full day events, might require non-standard solutions. For example the use of Zoom Webinar (500 participants), live streaming to other platforms or recording video in a professional studio. Contact video-FPN for more information.



I want to live stream & record my lecture

The following tools can live stream and/or record your lecture:
 First choice:
Zoom Meeting *) **)

Second choice:
Collaborate Ultra

Third choice:
in person in
lecture halls

How to schedule a recording?Canvas course > ZoomCanvas course > CollaborateContact Video-FPN
Where can students find the link to the live stream?Canvas course > ZoomCanvas course > CollaborateVideo-FPN sends you the link. You post it.
Where can students watch the recording?You download the recording, then upload it to Mediasite.Video-FPN adds the recording to the catalog in your course.
Interactivity?YesVery limited, only Q and A via email
    *) course coordinators have to request the ability to record Zoom sessions. Contact video-FPN.
    **) Zoom Webinar can also record. Contact video-FPN.


How it works

•  Not all students have a stable internet connection or are able to attend all lectures. Please consider recording your lecture.

•  Use Zoom for meetings up to 300 participants, Collaborate for larger meetings. Create a test meeting to check if  you have recording rights.

•  Keep in mind that the recording quality of Collaborate is low. Wen using Collaborate, consider pre-recording and uploading your lecture via Mediasite desktop recorder, followed by a live Q and A.

• My Mediasite is the platform where you upload lecture recordings and clips, also those from Zoom or Collaborate.

• The course coordinator creates the meeting link for each of the lectures via 'Canvas > Zoom' or 'Canvas > Collaborate.' This way, the other instructors and tutors in the course get automatically added as 'co-hosts'.

• Course coordinators can request the ability to record Zoom sessions. Contact video-fpn.


I want to upload a video / pre-record a lecture

• My Mediasite is the platform where you upload lecture recordings and clips, also those from Zoom or Collaborate.

•  For lectures, please record your webcam too. This gives a more 'inclusive' experience and also helps those with a hearing impairment.

•  Consider recording knowledge clips to explain key concepts. Contact video-FPN for tips and support.

How it works

• Upload the clip via My Mediasite

• For a new recording, use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder  to record your presentation and webcam. Or any other tool that can record presentations as an MP4-recording.

• Once the clip has been processed, change the visibility to 'viewable'  and select your course name under 'Add module'.

• Now students should have access to the video. Check if you see the upload in your course under 'Mediasite Videos'.



I want to re-use an old lecture recording

Contact Video-FPN if you have old recordings that you want to use. Otherwise,  viewing old recordings will be blocked automatically.

You can access your old recordings on Blackboard via https://eleum.maastrichtuniversity.nl. Always include the link to the recording, and where it can be found in the old course.

Instead of re-using old recordings, you might want to consider recording a new lecture or knowledge clips. Video-fpn can help you with this.

I want to schedule online tutorial group meetings

How it works

• The tutor creates a recurring Zoom meeting for their tutorial group. One re-usable link per tutorial group.  This way, the instructors and tutors in the course get automatically added as 'co-hosts'.

• Students find the link in the course, under the heading ' Zoom'.

• Please ask students to create a zoom.us  account using the @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl email address. And ask to use the Zoom application with this account.



Tips and Tricks

Each tool has its quirks, read these tips and tricks to prevent unpleasant surprises. 


Your Zoom.us account

Maastricht University has bought Zoom licenses for students and staff.

Students: register with the @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl account at Zoom.us.

Staff: Once you make a meeting in Canvas, Zoom creates an account under your UM email address. Go to Zoom.us > forgot password to set a password. The meetings that you create, show up in the Zoom.us dashboard and can also be edited from the Zoom website.

Creating meetings

•You can only host ONE Zoom meeting at any given time. The determining factor is if you are the one who scheduled the meeting.

• If you can not attend the Zoom session that you created, make sure that you have assigned an alternative host. Only the (alternative) host can start a recording.

If you create a meeting via Canvas, the other teachers and the tutors will be added as 'alternative hosts'. You can see the automatically added hosts when creating the meeting.

For this to work, they need to either go the the meeting via Canvas, OR login to zoom with their UM zoom account.

• When communicating about a meeting, just sending the zoom link is not enough. Also mention the meeting ID and the passcode. Why? The meeting ID and passcode truly work on all devices.

• Are you using a 'Canvas Blueprint'-course, for example because you teach Bachelor courses? Then create the zoom/collaborate meetings in the IPN-course. Paste the links, meeting ID's and passcodes into the PSY-course.


During meetings

• You can start meetings before the scheduled time.

• Students cannot opt out of recording.

• Recording records the active speaker.

• When entering Zoom, you will not see any previous chat messages.

• By default 'participant screen sharing' is off, but you can enable it in the session.


After the meeting

• Stop your recording.

• If you recorded the meeting, you can find the recording under the tab 'Cloud recordings'. and on https://zoom.us. Download the files and upload the largest file to Mediasite.

Note that recordings will be automatically deleted after 10 days.


My Mediasite

Good to know

• Your media files in My mediasite do not count towards the 1 Gygabite storage limit in Canvas.

• Other teachers in the course cannot change or edit your uploaded media files.

• It takes some time before your upload is available. 60 seconds of recording equals 90 seconds of processing time.

• Quality is 720p. Enough to call it HD, but you would be dissapointed if Ziggo switched to this resolution.

• Expect recordings to be huge in file size. A 60 MB upload gets converted to a 600 MB file. There are ways to make the video available as a download.

After uploading

• Under 'Edit details', you need to set the 'visibility' to 'viewable'.  And you need to select your course under 'modules'. Only then will students be able to see your video. You can do this while Mediasite is still processing your upload.

• Searching by course name to find the right module.



Mediasite desktop recorder


Good to know

• The Mediasite Desktop Recorder does not work on the latest Mac operating system OSX 10.15 'Catalina'.

After recording

• The Mediasite Desktop Recorder automatically uploads your recording to MyMediasite.

In My Mediasite, under 'Edit details', you need to set the 'visibility' to 'viewable'.  And you need to select your course under 'modules'. Only then will students be able to see your video. You can do this while MyMediasite is still processing your upload.


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Creating meetings

• As long as the session has not started, you can select 'over 250 participants'.  This will disable chat and video for participants!

BUT... once you are in the session, you can re-enable chat and video for participants.


During the meeting

• The options to share (parts of) your screen, depend on the browser. Test in advance.

• The start and end time of a course cannot be changed. You will be kicked out of the meeting when at the scheduled end time.

• Collaborate also records the chat.

• Reconnecting empties the chat, you will not see previous messages.

• Students do not get a recording warning, nor can they opt out.

• Collaborate will not show your camera to others if you have a bad internet connection.

• The notification sounds for new participants and chat messages can be distracting. You can turn them off.

After the meeting

• Stop your recording. The button is in the upper left corner. After 10 minutes, your recording is available.

• Download your recording and upload it to My Mediasite.  Click the three dots next to the recording for the download option.

• In My Mediasite, under 'Edit details', you need to set the 'visibility' to 'viewable'.  And you need to select your course under 'modules'. Only then will students be able to see your video. You can do this while My Mediasite is still processing your upload.


Students:  use the banner link in a video to report issues. Ask the course instructor to enable downloading.

More information & support


More information

A lot of practical tips can be found online. 

Here some UM resources:

VideUM, UM portal on video

Online education

Options for lectures


If you cannot find the answer yourself, or if you want to discuss (technical) options for your course, please contact video-fpn.

Include how and when we can contact you.


For special events, Studio MBB can be used. Contact video-fpn for more information.


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