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Assessment criteria thesis

The Master thesis will be assessed on aspects of content as well as format and must comply fully with the norms set for content, structure, form/layout and language usage, as described in the 'handbook writing skills'.

Criteria related to content (formulation of the question, line of reasoning, specialized aspects) and form will be assessed separately and contribute to the final mark for the thesis.


Elements of a Master’s thesis

Research Question / Problem Statement / Hypothesis
• Is the subject precisely defined?
• Is the central research question initiated in a clear and analytical skilful way?
• Is there a clear and defined formulation of the research question?
• Are the concepts clearly formulated and defined?
• Is there a good justification of the social and scientific relevance of the research question?
• Are the choices made in the formulation of the research question explained?
• Is the research question posed relevant, embedded in a discussion, and original?
• Is the research question translated into (a) hypothesis/hypotheses?

Theory and literature
• Is the theory discussed and literature relevant in the context of the question?
• Is the literature used of recent date?
• Do any sub questions fit the research question?
• Is the theory discussed representative?
• Is the theory discussed of sufficient scientific level?
• Does the discussion of the literature show a critical view (identification of relations,
contradictions, gaps or inconsistencies in the literature)?

• Is the description of the method (s) clear and adequate?
• Is clearly explained why the method(s) was chosen?
• Is the study design solid (valid) and sufficiently specific, given the research question?
• Is the way of collecting material appropriate (operationalization of concepts, instrumentation,
research techniques, choice of empirical field)?

• Are the data - in qualitative or quantitative terms - clearly presented in accordance with a specified ordering principle?
• Is the use of tables, figures, charts, diagrams, or appendices adequate?
• Are the data analysed using qualitative and / or quantitative analysis techniques that fit the
chosen research method (s)?
• Is there a certain originality of the methodology used in the student’s own research?
• Is the research purely descriptive or is there also an in-depth analysis?
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Discussion and conclusion
• Is there an adequate link between the results and the research question in the discussion?
• Are the results discussed with reference to the literature?
• Is there a critical view when discussing the literature?
• Is there any feedback to the theory? Are links discussed between results and theory?
• Does the discussion give a clear answer to the various (sub) questions and hypotheses?
• Are any new insights discussed?
• Does the discussion focus on the generalizability of the results, and the practical and
theoretical implications?
• Is there a critical attitude towards the performed research and the results? Are
recommendations and new research specified?
• Is there a clear and well-founded conclusion (s)?

Composition and structure
• Is there a clear and logical structure of the thesis and its components?
• Is there a clear coherence between the parts/components?
• Is each part well-balanced and clearly structured?
• Is there a clear difference between main and minor issues?
• Is there a good balance between the overall size of the thesis and the actual content?
• Is it an independently constructed thesis, or a series of studies and quotes?

Form and presentation
• Is the size of the thesis according to the required standards?
• Is the size of the thesis consistent with the actual content?
• Are there many or few typographical or style errors?
• Is the text readable?
• What is the quality of the written language (style, word choice, spelling, etc.)?
• Is the use of notes and / or appendices acceptable?
• Are quotes, references and citations correct and complete?
• Is the reference list complete?
• Is the division into paragraphs and sections consistent?
• Is the quality of the summary / abstract good?

Writing process
• Is there initiative, own contribution and independence in the writing of the thesis?
• Is there sufficient decisiveness, determination and pace during the writing process?
• What is the size and vigour of the writing that was done?
• How is feedback processed?

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