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Assessment criteria thesis

The Master thesis will be assessed on aspects of content as well as format and must comply fully with the norms set for content, structure, form/layout and language usage, as described in the 'handbook writing skills'.  Criteria related to content (formulation of the question, line of reasoning, specialized aspects) and form will be assessed separately and contribute to the final mark for the thesis.


Amended assessment criteria Thesis due to coronavirus

Due to measures in relation to the coronavirus, many research internship projects have been adapted this year. Because of this, we wrote an addendum to the assessment criteria for research internship and thesis. These amendments provide the flexibility needed to successfully complete and assess these projects in light of this difficult year.
Addendum to the assessment criteria for thesis  v001 of 08-06-2020
Addendum to the assessment criteria for research internship  v001 of 08-06-2020

Assessment criteria Master’s thesis

Writing Product

Quality of Abstract
Introduction and Description of research question/hypothesis
Creativity and originality of research question
Theoretical understanding
Structure and organisation of the thesis
Critical and innovative approach to research
Design and methods are conform research question
Understanding and description of statistical analysis
Adequacy and correctness of tables and figures
Presentation and description of results
Ability to discuss findings in relation to literature and new insights
Conclusion follows logically from arguments developed in paper
Level of language use, citations and references
Publication level of thesis

Writing Process
Level of independence
Contribution of supervisor
Processing of feedback
Completion time of thesis

Overall Impression and Comments
(Open field)
Criteria rated as: – – = poor,  –= unsatisfactory, +/– = borderline;
+ = sufficient, ++ = good, +++ = very good,
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