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The Clinical Activities Report

On this page:
- Who has to make a Clinical Activities Report (CAR)?
- Outline of the report
- Sections in the report
- Practical requirements
- Submitting the CAR
- Submitting the Clinical Portfolio (MMH)

Who has to make a Clinical Activities Report?

If you do the clinical internship, you will have to write a clinical activities report.

Outline of the report

The report includes both a general section, based mainly on a literature review (see points 1 and 2 below), and sections specific to your internship activities and the institution where you carried them out (points 3 through 11).

The general section is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, we consider basic knowledge concerning the organization of (mental) healthcare services, legal and ethical aspects to be important for anyone working in these settings. Secondly, demonstrating an understanding of these issues is a formal requirement for admission to post - graduate clinical training programs in the Netherlands.

The guidelines concerning the content of the report have been formulated in consultation with the Dutch LOGO , so that the clinical internship will fulfill this aspect of the admission criteria.  All students, regardless of their intention to pursue clinical training in the Netherlands or elsewhere, are required to complete the general as well as the specific sections of the summary report.

Sample reports: Clinical activity report example 1, written by S. Gobbels Clinical activity report example 2: wirtten by J. Gerbrandij

Sections in the report

1. An overview of the organization of (mental) healthcare, services for persons with a disability, and services for youth in the country where the internship takes place. (≥ 4 pages). Study relevant literature sources and indicate what the role is of the general practitioner, secondary and tertiary care facilities, etc. Try whenever possible to link this information to your own internship institution. NOTE: each CAR will undergo a plagiarism check. Especially in this section it is tempting to copy information from other sources. Do not copy-paste information from websites. Make sure that you present the information in your own words, and refer to the used sources. 

2. An overview concerning the judicial and ethical aspects of healthcare services. (≥ 3 pages)
Discuss here regulations concerning legal responsibilities in the mental healthcare system, involuntary admission and treatment, and professional ethics. Relate this to the case you describe in section 9 of this Clinical Activities Report. Describe for a couple of ethical issues (that you can choose yourself), how you dealt with them in this particular case. NOTE: each CAR will undergo a plagiarism check. Especially in this section it is tempting to copy information from other sources. Do not copy-paste information from websites. Make sure that you present the information in your own words, and refer to the used sources.

3. A description of the internship setting (organization and structure of the institution, the population group(s) for which the institution focuses its services, the manner in which referrals to and from the institution take place, the types of problems that are treated, methods and procedures used for diagnosis, treatment, and follow - up.

4. A description of the professional disciplines working in the division of the institution where the internship takes place and the activities they perform.

5. The role and function of a psychologist in this setting.

6. Are research activities (other than your own) also conducted in this setting? If so, describe briefly.

7. An overview of your own clinical activities during this internship. Provide quantitative as well as qualitative details (tip : keep a daily diary).

8. An overview of the clinical learning goals that you had formulated for the internship period and an evaluation of these at the end of the internship.

9. Describe one case (either intake or intervention/support) in detail. Be careful that the client in question cannot be readily identified; do this by omitting the name and changing specific details such as profession, age, or gender. Note that this case description has a different character than those that may be required for certification in psychodiagnostics!

10. A brief overview and evaluation of your research activities during this internship.

11. Evaluation of the internship, your own functioning in this setting, reception and clinical supervision you received in the institution, feasibility of combining clinical and research activities there, contact with the university.

12. Suggestions for changing or improving the internship (in general or at this internship institution).

Practical requirements

Adequate coverage of the above points will usually require at least 20 pages, not including table of contents, reference list, tables, etc. Although we encourage conciseness, there is no upper page limit. Style should follow APA (6th edition) guidelines.

Except when the institution requests and by prior agreement with the clinical internship coordinator, the report should be written in English. Students doing their internships in Dutch facilities can request their UM supervisor permission to write the report in Dutch.

Submitting the CAR

You sent a first full draft version by email to your FPN supervisor. Your FPN supervisor may require that you make changes or additions. Upload the final version (PDF) via "Collent" before August 31. 
This final version will be graded by your UM supervisor.

 This digital copy:
- is required to award credits to your work,
- will be used to check for plagiarism, and
- is archived for future reference.

Please note that the final version of your CAR must be uploaded in a correct way before the final credits will be awarded. In case the name of your electronically submitted report is not correct (i.e., not according to the all  important formatting rules), it will be removed and you’ll have to hand in your CAR again.

See Document and forms >>

Submitting the clinical portolio For MMH

The clinical portfolio consists of three reports (written by the student) and the practical evaluation (by the internship setting; the so-called Formulier D.

Submit an electronic version of your final clinical portfolio by email to your UM supervisor (‘intervisor’).
After the UM supervisor (‘intervisor’) has approved and graded the clinical portfolio, you can email it to the clinical internship coordinator. The clinical portfolio will then also be graded by the UM assessment committee.

For more information on the outline and the sections of the clinical portfolio, see Handboek Intervisie.  

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