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Minor thesis

If you are a student of the Research Master in Neuropsychology or Reseach Master in Psychopathology , and if you choose to do the clinical internship, a mandatory small-scale research project is part of the clinical internship. The Minor’s thesis is a report on your clinical research project.


Minor’s thesis research in the clinical setting

Conducting research in a clinical setting is essential to further scientific understanding in the fields of psychopathology and clinical neuropsychology. By testing theories and evaluating the effects of diagnostic or therapeutic interventions in individuals seeking help for cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems, clinical researchers add to the evidence base that guides and helps refine current treatment approaches.

Given the limited time available, your clinical research project should be clearly formulated and limited in scope. Case-series designs are often feasible in this context, or analysis of test performance, questionnaire or interview data. Ideally, you should have collected at least some of these data yourself. In many clinical settings you may benefit from analysis of ‘historical’ data already obtained on patients. Discuss this possibility with both your institutional supervisor and your UM Minor’s thesis supervisor.

As this is a clinical research study, the research question should be relevant in the context of the institution where the research is performed, and the sample must include patients or clients with clinically significant behavioral, cognitive or emotional complaints.

Application procedure

Minor’s thesis permission statement

At the beginning of your clinical internship, your institutional supervisor must sign a statement form that s/he agrees to the requirement that you will also conduct research with patients, medical records and/or ‘historical’ data from the institution. This form will be printed along with your clinical internship contract (see Section 4 above).

You must send the signed form back to the FPN Education Office during the first weeks of your internship (along with the signed contract). Failure to do so before starting the research project may disqualify you from obtaining credit for the Minor’s thesis.

Format and length Minor's Thesis and Minor's Thesis Research Proposal 

The minimum length of a minor's thesis is 3000 words (including tables, figures, and in-text references). The minor's thesis proposal should cover the same parts as the master's thesis research proposal yet can be shorter, there is no clear guideline.

The internship manuals give guidelines to help students explain things to external supervisors, who may have very different ideas about what constitutes a "thesis".



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