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Congratulations on earning your diploma in Psychology. A milestone to be proud of. From now on you are officially not a student anymore, but an alumni. Unless of course, you plan on continuing to study.

We are very proud of you as alum, and are always interested what working environment you find yourself in. That is why we would like to stay in touch even after your programme. A lifelong bond is our purpose!

You can find all the information on the FPN Alumni page.

Alumni email address: probably only for a short time
In the past, alumni receive a lifetime alumni email address. That will probably change for students graduating in 2022-2023. Expect that your   @student.maastrichtuniversity.nl only work a few weeks after graduation.

The content of your @student-mail will still be there.
You can use webmail.maastrichtuniversity.nl to read the mail.
You login details will remain the same.
The part in front of @ will not necessarily be identical to your student account.


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