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UM Career Services supports students in preparing as well as possible for their future careers and in the choices they need to make during their studies. As an FPN master student, you are entitled to attend one Career Services workshop each year for free.

UM Career Services offers you...

  • Lectures: Learn how to network, negotiate about your employment contract, make smart use of LinkedIn, increase your resilience, be more creative and enjoy student life.
  • Workshops such as Discover your Competences,  CV & Job Application Letter, Presentation Skills and Stress Management.
  • Trainings such as Fear of Failure, Assertiveness Training, Art of imperfection and Master your Worries.
  • Quick Career Advice (e.g. CV check) and Career Counseling.
  • Job Interview Simulation: video-taped and evaluated.
  • UM Vacancy Board: student jobs, starter vacancies, internships, voluntary work and experience required vacancies. Make sure you check it out regularly and sign up for the Job Alert to receive updates about vacancies of your interest.
  • Online Career Modules: Several online modules that can help you in making the next step in your career.
  • The Online Career Library: The Online Career Library comprises the best websites to help you start off your career.

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