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Information sessions and events

Information meetings
The academic advisers organize information meetings on different subjects. Suggestions for new topics are always welcome.
 Sessions and events from the Academic Advisers 2022-2023
Thu. 22 September 2022
1Y Ma: workshop "Study Smart".   Max. 24 participants
Wed. 9 Nov. 2022

Ba Y2 Y3: info session "A (FPN) master after the bachelor" (A06) 
11:00 - 12:30 hrs.  - Blauwe zaal
Watch the recording >>  Just the slides >>

Tue. 15 November 2022Ba: workshop 'Study Smart' 
Tue. 15 November 2022
UM Coach Café for new Bachelor and Master alumni
Wed. 16 November 2022Ba Y1: info session "The Binding Study Advice" 
14-18 November 2022UM Wellbeing week
Tue. 22 November 2022UM Meeting "Misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis in giftedness"
Wed. 7 December 2022UM Online meet up with alumni for Master in Psychology students (part of skills trainings)
Mon. 12 December 2022
Research Master & Forensic Master: Workshop 'Study Smart'  Sign up >>
A session aimed at sharing different learning techniques that can help you to study more effectively. 
08:30 - 10:30 UNS40 A1.738

Tue. 17 January 2022"Clinical Careers in the Netherlands and Germany"
Watch >>  Slides only >>
 16:00 - 17:00, Maastrichtzaal     Hosted by: Academic Advisers
Recording: YES.   In timetable: YES.

Tue. 17 JanuaryUM Meeting "Curiosity"
Tue. 14 FebruaryUM Meeting "Giftedness and study skills"
Tue. 21 March 2023UM Meeting "Let’s talk about…Paradoxes in giftedness"
Wed. 22 March 2023UM Meet up with alumni for first year Research Master students

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