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Exam inspection

You have the right to review your exams, as set forth in the Exam and Education Regulation (EER)  and the Dutch law on Higher Education (WHW).  Within 25 working days of the date on which the exam was given, including a computer-based exam, students may inspect their exam.  FPN organises exam inspections where you can exercise this right. We advise you to attend these inspections if you have questions about the exam. 
For all courses, you follow the instructions from the examiner to register and/or attend the exam inspection. For almost all courses the course coordinator also fulfils the role of examiner. 
Examiners can find more information via UMployee

Aim of the exam inspection: you receive feedback

The aim of the exam inspection is to receive feedback on your answers, to see how your response ranks within the range of acceptable answers. It thus gives you feedback on the content and the grading of your examination. 
Many students expect the inspection to be meant for discussion, giving room to question the mark they received for their exam. However, the meeting is strictly an inspection, held to explain why a certain answer has led to a certain result. There are other ways to provide feedback or request a reevaluation of your work.

Aim of the complaint options: you give feedback

To give feedback on the exam, be it about the content, wording or grading,  you may use one or more of the following complaint options:
• For digital exams you can use the comment box for your feedback. Use this space to voice any initial concerns.

• If you feel that an issue might not just affect you, contact the FPN student council. They will bundle any reactions and inform the course coordinator if they feel this is needed. Please do not e-mail the course coordinator directly. Where appropriate, reactions will be addressed during the inspection.

• At the end of the exam inspection, you can request a reassessment of the open questions of your exam.  Details >>

• The formal appeal procedure also applies to exam results. You have six weeks to submit an appeal, counting from the publication of your final grade in the student portal. Contact the Complaint Service Point, the central UM body for complaints and appeals, should you want to file an appeal. In most cases, it is possible to find a solution without starting a formal procedure and we urge you to first ask for a reassessment.

• Use the course evaluation survey (IWIO) to suggest improvements for next year's course.

Practical information about exam inspection

The exam inspection of an exam takes place within 25 working days after the exam took place. The examiner announces date, time, location and format of the exam inspection, before or just after publication of the results. For most courses, the course manual also gives information about the exam inspection. Follow the instructions from the examiner for participation in the exam inspection.

The practical guidelines for on campus exam inspection are:

• Sign up is required to attend an inspection unless announced otherwise.
• The examiner provides a time frame for registration, a link and a location for the exam inspection.
• Signing up after the registration deadline is not possible. Students who don't sign up before this deadline are not allowed to attend the exam inspection, no exemptions are made
• Exam inspections are either held in small groups, or for everyone at once.
• The rules and regulations regarding exam fraud also apply to the exam inspection. For instance, electronic devices are not allowed, you may not take notes and a form of identification might be required!
• You are expected to behave appropriately during the exam inspection by showing respect to the coordinator/teacher organising the inspection as well as the other students present in the room.

Formal reassessment request

If you, during the exam inspection, do not agree with the assessment of (an) question(s), you can request a reassessment. Ask for the form 'Request for Reassessment' and hand it in at the end of the inspection. 

The examiner will only process a request for reassessment if the request provides a good justification and explanation of the disadvantage. 
Take into account that if you want a re-assessment of a partical answer, depending on whether the answer to that question has related answers you gave on other questions, your entire exam might be corrected and graded again. 
The result of the reassessment, and possible subsequent changes in grading, will be announced within 10 working days after the inspection.
Examiners don’t have to provide detailed feedback on the re-assessment outcome.

As with the result of the initial grade, you can appeal the outcome of the reassessment. You have six weeks to submit an appeal, counting from the publication of the outcome of the reassessment request. Contact the Complaint Service Point for advice and support.
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