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Helicopter simulator lab

The Helicopter simulator lab is home to the cockpit of a helicopter. This simulator is used for research into how people perform in complex situations. It is not intended for use as part of helicopter pilot training.

The helicopter simulator is operated by a type of handbrake (collective), which is positioned between the two seats, and a long bar (cyclic), which is positioned in front of the seats. There are two foot pedals in front of each pilot’s seat; these pedals can be used to control the turning of the helicopter. A screen shows where the helicopter is flying to. The art is to constantly fly at the right height and at the right speed. This can be achieved by keeping the horizon level on the screen. The meter readings are clearly visible from the pilot’s seat. This enables the pilot to see whether the height and speed are correct, among other things.
The lab has two computers. One of them contains the software programme that ensures that pilots can see where they are flying to on the screen. This programme also makes it possible to choose between flying during the day or flying at night. The lab also has a video camera, which can be used to observe people while they are carrying out tasks involving the helicopter simulator.

There are a number of different ways in which the helicopter simulator can be used for research. The simulator provides for a complex situation in which tests can be administered. This in itself is quite unusual, given that – generally speaking – many studies are carried out with the aid of simple computer programs. Real, complex situations are not often used. For example, studies are carried out in the lab on team communication while flying the helicopter. In this situation, it is possible to answer different questions to those asked when performing a relatively easy task.
Error Management Training studies are also carried out in the Helicopter simulator lab, during which participants can learn by making mistakes.

Performance difference
It has been found that there is a significant difference in performance between men and women when flying a simulator. This difference can largely be explained by the fact that women play computer games less often than men do.
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