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Social-psychological lab

In the Social-psychological lab, twelve people can be tested at the same time, separated by partitions. The Social-psychological lab emphasizes questionnaire-based research, but response-time research is also possible.

The lab houses twelve computers for use by the test participants and two computers for the test leaders. It also has response time soft- and hardware and headphones, so that sound fragments can be used without disturbing other participants.
The Social-psychological lab has an extra waiting room, where people can sit and wait their turn or take part in various manipulations.

Group simulation
The lab is ideally suited for group simulations, such as a simulation in which people’s behaviour is observed in situations characterised by conflicts between individual and group interests (social dilemmas).

In the Social-psychological lab, research is carried out, among other things, into the effects of education materials on cognitions, motivation and behaviour. A second type of research involves aspects of alcohol use and addiction, particularly the effect of implicit cognitions (i.e. subconscious thoughts that affect behaviour). A third research category focuses on the social-cognitive aspects of abnormal eating behaviour and the effectiveness of behavioural interventions.
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