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Infant and Child lab

This lab is especially designed for doing cognitive-behavioural research with infants and children. Also, the lab is frequently used for EEG-measurements in children and infants with a mobile-EEG lab, which does however not belong to the standard equipment of this lab.

Equipment and applications
The lab has a child-friendly furnishing (posters, toys, cabinet with presents, baby highchair, possibilities for diaper changing etc). It consists of one room for motor experiments. The lab houses some equipment (like a balance beam & stairs), necessary for testing cognitive and motor development in infants and children up to 4 years old. Furthermore, the lab has one computer for the administration of computer tasks.

Research themes
Different types of research are currently conducted in the infant and child lab. Important research themes are perception, attention, numeracy and memory development and their mutual relations from infancy to adulthood. For the investigation of these themes we make use of standardised neuropsychological tests, cognitive computer tasks and we collect information about brain development by measuring the EEG. These topics are investigated in children with a typical development as well as in children with developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD or Dyscalculia.
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