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Diagnostic case reports


The three case reports must cover as wide a range of questions, tools and research procedures as possible. At www.psynip.nl you will find concrete guidelines that the case study reports must satisfy. Please read these guidelines carefully and develop your case reports in accordance with them. Experience has shown that many case reports have to be amended after they have been marked, not because they are substandard in terms of content, but because the guidelines set by the BAPD committee have not or not sufficiently been adhered to by the student.

A case report contains the deliberations, choices and decisions for each step of the diagnostic process. The choices are explained, with reference to the scientific literature that has been consulted, and they are accessible for assessment by third parties (i.e. transparent). In addition, it addresses the oral and written reports provided to the clients and/or the principals and how these progressed. This means that the report that is submitted for the BAPD tends to differ notably from a report as it would be submitted in a practice context in a number of ways. In essence, a BAPD case study is a more extensive version of the type of psychological report that is commonly written in practice.

In general, the case study report must be written in such a way that the conclusions and recommendations clearly tie into to the questions and the diagnostic hypotheses, and be based on the examination findings.

Fill in this signed cover sheet (fillable PDF-form; one cover sheet per three case reports). Email the cover sheet to the FPN supervisor and cc to fdp-masterthese@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Each report must be no more than 7000 words (including raw scores and normtables, and works cited, but excluding the cover page; for the report itself a maximum of 5000 words is acceptable). Each case report must preferably be written in Dutch, or where this is not possible, in English. The report must be written preferably in 10pt Arial or Helvetica or a similar 10pt sans serif typeface. One-and-a-half line spacing should be used, with 2.5 cm margins on each side. The pages must be numbered. Each report must be emailed (in PDF or Word) to the FPN supervisor. (updated 22-03-2022)

The Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) formulates the guidelines for the diagnostic case report.

Requirements for case reports of 23-05-2024


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