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How many words should the bachelor thesis contain? 

As off study year 2019-2020, the bachelor thesis must contain around 6000 words. This average number of words exclude the title page, abstract, references list and possible appendices.

Can I get an extension for the first or final version of my thesis?

Some students, for severe personal or family reasons, need more time to finish the first version and can then (in coordination with the supervisor) ask the academic advisers to allow an extension for the first submission deadline. A granted extension will then be forwarded to the education office and the later deadline is noted. Notify your supervisor. 
Students who write an empirical or marble bachelor thesis and are delayed due to external causes, an extension of the deadline in April is possible, but you will need formal approval of the board of examiners. In that case you and your supervisor have to request and motivate the extension. For more information about handing in your request to the Board of Examiners, see: Board of Examiners > Request.

I failed the bachelor thesis in a previous year? How can I finish my bachelor thesis current academic year? 

Students who failed the bachelor thesis in a previous year have two options to finish the bachelor thesis:
● Use same topic as previous version > Contact your previous supervisor and agree together on the procedure. Agreement on supervisor in the current academic year should be requested and accepted again via the batchelor thesis matching system. It is not allowed to search for a new supervisor. If you already uploaded an official first version in a previous year, you only upload the official final version. If you have not yet handed in an official first version, you upload a first and final version. In both cases you have to follow the deadlines and upload procedures as communicated via extra thesis submission option or regular submission deadlines
● Use different topic as previous version > A new official first and final version should be uploaded according to the official deadlines and upload procedures as communicated via extra thesis submission option or regular submission deadlines. The student is allowed to search for a new supervisor if the topic changes. Search a new supervisor via the official BTMS procedure before the official deadline to have arranged a supervisor. Inform your previous supervisor, your new supervisor and fpn-bachelorthesis@maastrichtuniversity.nl about this change.

I am a second year student and want to start planning or writing my thesis early (before the start of the next academic year)

For most students early planning is not necessary, but there are exceptions, mostly granted by the exam board.

Students with a good reason to be early in planning or writing their bachelor thesis for the next academic year, such as planning to study abroad, may want to consult the last year’s overview of all bachelor thesis supervisors. If the Bachelor thesis matching system cannot be used (requesting a supervisor is not possible), the student is allowed to make contact and agree with a potential supervisor by mail or visit. Any agreement must (later) be made official via the Bachelor thesis matching system once this is possible again (when the system is opened for the next academic year, mid September).

Professional behaviour: Early request for supervision requires the additional responsibility from a student:

● Note that the faculty trusts the good sense of these early students to refrain from shopping (contacting more than one potential staff member at the same time) as this urged the faculty board to install the matching system in the first place;
● And also mind that staff members do not expect new thesis students yet (they are busy supervising this year’s (master) students), so explain to the staff member whom you intend to contact that you are a valid and motivated exception.

What happens if one or both grades are below 6?

If one or both grades are below 6.0 you must resit the bachelor thesis. Both assessors will grade the resit version. No later than July XX (13.00h) you submit the resit version. 


What happens if the two assessor grades deviate more than two points?

Assessors’ grades are allowed to deviate up to 2 points as specified by the faculty’s exam regulations. If assessors’ grades deviate more than 2 points, the education office will ask the two assessors to discuss this in the presence of an impartial person (the bachelor’s thesis coordinator).   What can happen next?
1. If all grades are sufficient and deviate up to 2 points max, the final grade is the average of the three grades.
2. If at least one grade is below 6.0: the student must resit. Both assessors will grade the resit version. The student must agree with the supervisor on a new date (extra thesis submission deadline in December or regular thesis deadline in April) during the following academic year to submit an even further improved thesis. Note that due to this procedure, the date of grade publishing will be delayed.

If you started your study in 2013-2014 or before? Do I need to write the additional summary or weblog PSY3204?

Students who started the psychology study in 2013-2014 or earlier and were supposed to write the bachelor thesis in 2015-2016 or earlier, are required to write a bachelor thesis of 8 ECTS (PSY3010) that includes PSY3204 Weblog (2 ECTS). 
The name weblog originates from a few years back when students posted their work on a website for peer review. In recent years, the name weblog lingered but was turned into the additional summary that was added as an appendix to the bachelor thesis (in the same file, after the reference list). The additional summary is meant for a broad audience and requires plain and clear English, and consists of one paragraph with a maximum of 500 words. Treat this text as a regular abstract, but take additional care to make it comprehensible to non-scientists.
Notify your supervisor to provide feedback on your additional summary as appended to the first version of your thesis, and to grade additional summary of the final thesis version.


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