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Clinical Psychology Package

In short

This 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package is new in 2023-2024.  It consists of 2 theoretical courses and 2 short clinical internships.

• Only if you passed all year 1 courses, all courses from period 1-3 of year 2 courses of year 2. And you ave all your Sona credits.  [updated 3 Aprl 2023]
• You will have to organize your internship yourself: finding two spots and supervisors which fulfil the
necessary requirements.
• This elective package provides all the needed elective ECTS.

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This 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package is new in 2023-2024.  It consists of 2 theoretical courses and 2 short clinical internships.

Period 1 (8 weeks):

Elective 1 (6 ECTS):  Elective PSY3312 Psychopharmacology

Current theories of psychiatric and neurological disorders are largely derived from what we know about drugs that can mimic the symptoms or that are used for treating these disorders. Basic knowledge of the effects of drugs and their underlying neurobiological mechanisms will therefore help students to understand these theories better. This course primarily aims at facilitating the understanding of therapeutic and side effects of psychoactive drugs. This will be done by presenting major classes of CNS drugs and their use in prominent disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia and by presenting the mechanisms and effects of a number of recreational drugs - such as cocaine, LSD, and ketamine.
At the end of the course there will be a written exam consisting of at least six open/essay questions.

Elective 2 (6 ECTS):  Elective PSY3359 Child Neuropsychology

This course focuses on brain-behaviour relationships from a developmental perspective. It aims at increasing one’s understanding of how healthy children and adolescents (or brains) function and how brain disease, brain injury or developmental disorders, such as ADHD, autism and learning disabilities, express themselves and interfere with the demands of daily life.

During the course, students will gain insights into: (1) developmental changes in brain structure, brain functioning and cognitive functions; (2) The clinical phenomenology of the most important developmental disorders; (3) The underlying brain-behaviour relationships in these disorders; and (4) Diagnosis and treatment. Students will also gain experience in the selection, administration and interpretation of commonly used tests, measuring the above- mentioned domains of higher cognitive functions, affective functions, and behaviour.

Period 2 and 3  (12 weeks):
Internship A (5 ECTS = about 3 1/2 weeks full time)
The Professional in Psychology (PSY3379): An orientation internship

Internship B  (8 ECTS = about 5 1/2 weeks full time)
Students build on their previously acquired knowledge and skills from Internship A. This placement must take place in a different facility to Internship A and can be any interdisciplinary care facility in which counselling, prevention or rehabilitation are used. This can include outpatient clinics, ambulatory centers, or inpatient clinics. Although the facility needs to offer care in one of the following areas: psychotherapeutic care, psychiatric care, psychosomatic care, neuropsychological care, prevention, rehabilitation, care for people with mental and/or physical disabilities or other areas of institutional care. The placement must be supervised by a licensed health care psychologist or psychotherapist who works at the facility.

Passing the 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package results in 25 ECTS. This is 1 ECTS more than the 24 ECTS reserved for electives in the bachelor program, which means that students who successfully complete this concentration obtain a total of 181 (instead of 180) ECTS at the end of their bachelor in psychology.


Application steps

In regular electives you join the sessions but this is a student-initiated module. This means that a you can only be enrolled in this elective if you have found a place to do an internship.  

Also good to know:
• This internship can not be used when applying for the psychodiagnostics registration  (BAPD) and/or vLOGO. Both have strict requirements about accepting working experience, this internship does not meet those criteria.
• The coordinator of each elective has to approve the internships.  The placement has to be supervised:
   internship A: supervised by a psychologist
   internship B: supervised by a licensed health care psychologist or psychotherapistwho works at the facility and
• The content of the internship has to be related to the objectives of the FPN bachelor programme.

• Submit your choice(s) via the FPN electives application form

Select this elective option as your first choice on the FPN electives application form.

• Found an intership place? Please send us the details

Found an internship place? Congratulations!  Use this form to send us the details about the internship place you found: what is the institution , who is the supervisor (and his/her profession) and what will you be doing. 

In preparation for your internship, you wite a development plan about your learning goals (communication, interventions, observing patients, writing skills,
etc.) The coordinator gives you more information about the content of this plan.


TImeline and deadlines


Timeline and deadlines FPN & UM Electives 2023-2024 (Sept. 2023 - Feb. 2024)
including additional dates for the electives with an internship

March 2023  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
Interested in this elective? Inform the coordinator.  Start looking for a place to do your internship
   April 2023
  FPN Electives: Course descriptions available
Mon. 17 April 2023  

FPN electives: registration for electives opens

       Available FPN elective courses >>
        Submit your preferences >>

All submissions have an equal chance to get their preferred elective(s).

If you want to do the Clinical Psychology package or the Internship "Professional in Psychology", submit the form as soon as possible.

Wed. 17 May 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
last date to register for this FPN elective.

Found an internship place? Congratulations! 
Use this form to send us the details.

Thu. 1 June 2023  

UM faculties: registration for electives and minors opens
Use 'special course request' in the student portal.

Sat. 17 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package: last day to submit the contract. 
Fri. 23 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  FPN electives: registration closes 
Fri. 30 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  UM electives and minors: registration closes

14 July 2023  FPN electives: allocation result available
Mid July 2023  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Once the coordinator has approved your internship, you may begin.
January 2024  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Last month to hand in the written report.
Email it to the elective coordinator.


The elective coordinator assesses  the written report and informs the student and the Education Office about the result.


FAQ and Contact

Questions about the Clinical Psycholoy Package

Is it possible to do both internship A and B in the same hospital but different areas? For example first in their psychiatric facillity  and then in their rehab center?
Yes, that is possible.

Can I do the internship at my workplace?
Yes, that is possible.

Do we need to speak Dutch for this clinical package?
Only if the internship spot that you found requires Dutch proficiency.

Who makes up the contract?
The coordinator


For contact see 'Contact' page

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