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Clinical Psychology Package

In short

This 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package consists of 2 theoretical courses and 2 short clinical internships.

• Only if you passed all year 1 courses, all courses from period 1-3 of year 2 courses, and you have obtained all your Sona credits.
• You will have to organise your internships yourself: finding two spots and supervisors which fulfill the
necessary requirements.
• This elective package provides all the needed elective ECTS.
- There is a numerus fixus of 20 registrations for this package.


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This 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package is new in 2023-2024.  It consists of 2 theoretical courses and 2 short clinical internships.

Period 1 (8 weeks):

Elective 1 (6 ECTS):  Elective PSY3312 Psychopharmacology

Current theories of psychiatric and neurological disorders are largely derived from what we know about drugs that can mimic the symptoms or that are used for treating these disorders. Basic knowledge of the effects of drugs and their underlying neurobiological mechanisms will therefore help students to understand these theories better. This course primarily aims at facilitating the understanding of therapeutic and side effects of psychoactive drugs. This will be done by presenting major classes of CNS drugs and their use in prominent disorders, such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia and by presenting the mechanisms and effects of a number of recreational drugs - such as cocaine, LSD, and ketamine.
At the end of the course there will be a written exam consisting of at least six open/essay questions.


Elective 2 (6 ECTS):  PSY3392 Psychological prevention, intervention, and therapies

During this course, students study several psychological prevention, intervention, and therapy programs discussed in the history of psychology, such as family-based/systemic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy, and EMDR. Students learn about the theoretical models underlying these programs. A special focus will be on what students can learn from pedagogy in this context. The term pedagogy refers to “the activity or profession of imparting knowledge or instruction” (APA, 2022).
Furthermore, students will study how to assess the quality of these programs and which factors influence the effectiveness of the programs for well-being and health-related outcomes. And, students will learn about the professional ethics codes, laws, and legislations related to offering such psychological prevention, intervention, and therapy programs to (groups of) individuals.

Period 2 and 3  (12 weeks):
Internship A (5 ECTS = about 4 weeks full time)
Clinical Psychology Package Internship (PSY3395)

As a psychology student, you gain a lot of relevant theoretical knowledge and in this elective you have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in practice. The aim of this course is to facilitate you in developing knowledge, skills and abilities that are relevant for psychologists.  Students must complete Internship A, prior to starting Internship B.
Students can apply to a variety of 'settings' for their internship. Suitable ‘settings’ provide students the opportunity to gain practical experience, relevant for becoming a psychologist. During this practical, students need to work under the supervision of an experienced psychologist. At the start of the practical, the student drafts a personal development plan (PDP), defining the learning objectives for the practical. In addition to the work experience, the student must write a report about this experience. As such, the student will get more insight into the work setting(s) of a psychologist and s/he will gain experience with applying knowledge and skills essential for being a psychologist.


Internship B  (8 ECTS = about 6 weeks full time)
Clinical Psychology Package Internship (PSY3393)

Students build on their previously acquired knowledge and skills from Internship A. This placement must take place in a different facility to Internship A and can be any interdisciplinary care facility in which counselling, prevention or rehabilitation are used. This can include outpatient clinics, ambulatory centers, or inpatient clinics. Although the facility needs to offer care in one of the following areas: psychotherapeutic care, psychiatric care, psychosomatic care, neuropsychological care, prevention, rehabilitation, care for people with mental and/or physical disabilities or other areas of institutional care. The placement must be supervised by a licensed health care psychologist or psychotherapist who works at the facility. Also, the students will gain basic insights into the institutional, legal, and structural framework conditions of the facility. Furthermore, students learn about the professional ethics codes, laws, and legislations related to offering psychological prevention, intervention, and therapy to (groups of) individuals and reflect upon these in the context of their experiences during the internship.

Passing the 'Clinical Psychology' Elective Package results in 25 ECTS. This is 1 ECTS more than the 24 ECTS reserved for electives in the bachelor programme, which means that students who successfully complete this concentration obtain a total of 181 (instead of 180) ECTS at the end of their bachelor in psychology.


Application steps

In regular electives you join the sessions but this is a student-initiated module. This means that you can only be enrolled in this elective if you have found two internship locations.   

Also good to know:
• This internship can not be used when applying for the psychodiagnostics registration  (BAPD) and/or vLOGO. Both have strict requirements about accepting working experience, this internship does not meet those criteria.
• The coordinator of each elective has to approve the internships.  The placement has to be supervised:
   internship A: supervised by a psychologist;
   internship B: supervised by a licensed health care psychologist or psychotherapist who works at the facility, and
• The content of the internship has to be related to the objectives of the FPN bachelor programme.

• Submit your choice(s) via the FPN electives application form

Select this elective option as your first choice on the FPN electives application form.
Note that the Clinincal Psychology Package option contains all 4 separate modules. Only pick PSY3312 as second choice if you want to truly want to take that course in case you do not see through with the Clinincal Psychology Package. 

• Start searching for both internships

Your potential internship placement may request a letter from UM, stating that you intend to register for the Clinincal Psychology Package. If so, please download the letter, complete it and use it as part of your application process. 

• Found an intership placement? Please send us the details

Congratulations!  Use this form to send us the details about the internship placement that you have found: name of the institution, name of the supervisor (and his/her profession) and what will you will be doing at your internship. 

In preparation for your internship, you will have to write a development plan about your learning goals (communication, interventions, observing patients, writing skills, etc.) The coordinator will give you more information about the content of this plan.

The elective coordinator assesses  the written report and informs the student and the Education Office about the result.


FAQ and Contact

Questions about the Clinical Psycholoy Package

When should I begin looking for my two internships?
ASAP, then when elective registration opens in April, select the Clinical Psychology Package if you meet all the requirements for the CPP package. 

What are the requirements for the CPP?

You need to have passed all year 2 courses AND all second year courses from period 1-3 AND obtained all your SONA credits.

If I’m an exchange student or a student from outside of FPN can I register for the CPP?

No, I’m afraid the CPP is exclusively for 2nd year FPN students only.

If I sign up for the CPP do I have a choice of what electives I take?

No, when you sign up for the CPP you are registered in the 4 following electives: PSY3312/PSY3392/PSY3395 (Internship A)/PSY3393 (Internship B).

What if my internship requests further information about the placement from the university?
A downloadable form (link on askpsy) can be completed by the student and sent with your application to your desired placements which explains the CPP and how these elective courses fit within your bachelor’s degree.

Can I do the longer Internship B (PSY3393) before the shorter Internship A (PSY3395)?

No, you need to complete A before B.

When is the deadline to submit applications for both internships?

Once you receive a positive response from an internship site, submit the details to us for approval. Wed, May 15th (via the link on askpsy) is the deadline for both internship to be approved.

Is it possible to do both internship A and B in the same hospital but different areas? For example first in their inpatients ward and in the outpatients clinic?

Yes, that is possible, under different placement supervisors.

Is it possible to do a clinical internship with an independent private psychologist?

It’s not advised, as you need to fulfil particular hours, and with only a single professional to shadow it will be difficult to obtain your learning objectives.

Can I do the internship in a location of my choice?

Yes, if there are no working visa or language barriers (for instance in your home country)

Can I do the internship at my workplace?

Yes, that is possible.

Do we need to speak Dutch for this clinical package?

Only if the internship spot that you found requires Dutch proficiency.

How will I know if my internship is approved?

Once you apply (via the link on askpsy above) the course coordinator will confirm with you directly if your internship location & supervisor are approved.

What are the next steps after my internship is approved?

The course coordinator will send you a contract (one for each internship approved) that outlines what is expected from your internship supervisor to sign and return to the course coordinator via email by: June 17th 2024!

What if I want an internship experience but not in clinical psychology?

Then please sign up for PSY3379: The Professional in Psychology which runs alongside the CPP as a stand-alone elective.



For contact see 'Contact' page

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