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Your elective options

In periods 1, 2 and 3 of the 3rd-year of the Bachelor, you can choose which courses you want to take. You have to obtain a total of 24 European credits (ECTS) for your elective program. When choosing, not only consider your interest in a certain topic but also possible requirements of Master programmes you want to apply for.

Your options are:

Options that do not require much preparation in advance:
Follow FPN electives courses
Follow a pre-approved minor at an other UM faculty
Follow the Psychological Citizenship Project (PSY3390)

Options that require some preparation in advance:

Follow electives at an other UM faculty
Follow electives or minor at an other Dutch university

Options that require substantial preparation in advance:
Follow electives abroad
Follow the Internship "Professional in Psychology"-elective
Follow the Clinical Psychology elective package
Follow the MaRBLe Excellence Programme

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