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Electives at FPN

In short:
FPN offers various elective courses in period 1, 2 and 3 of the third year. Around May, you can find the course descriptions online.

- An elective has a study load of 6 ECTS.
- You can take a maximum of two elective courses in period 1 and 2, max. one course in period 3.


From mid July, the course descriptions for the upcoming year are available in the UM Course Finder. The list is the same as in 2022-2023.

Many students choose to take two electives in period 1 and  two electives in period 2, which results in the required 24 ECTS. This way,  they can use period 3 to write the thesis. See also 'Electives, Study load: combining electives and the thesis'.
In total, you can take 4 FPN electives (4 x 6 ECTS = 24 ECTS).
But there is also a limit per period:
in period  1
in p
eriod 2
in period 3
Limited to:max. 2 FPN electivesmax. 2 FPN electives max. 1 FPN elective
Duration:7 or 8 weeks7 or 8 weeks3 weeks
Meetings per week:max. 2 per
max. 2 per
max. 3 per


FPN electives 2023-2024

The list is the same as in 2022-2023.

You can find the descriptions of the course on the following site, under 'electives':




Application steps


Look at the available electives

The sign up form will ask you how many electives you want to take (max. 4) and what your preferred electives are. You will also have to select the same number of alternatives, just in case your preferred electives are full. 
For example: if you want to do 4 FPN electives, you also have to submit 4 alternatives.

Submit your preferences (and alternatives)

The sign up form will ask you how many electives you want to take (max. 4) and what your preferred electives are.

You will also have to select the same number of alternatives, just in case your preferred electives are full.  For example: if you want to do four FPN elective, you also have to submit four alternatives.

Mid-July (see page 3, Important Dates) a list of registrations will be posted on AskPsy. Students who apply before the application deadline will generally be allocated to their preferred courses.
Please note: some courses have a maximum number of participants.

Timeline and deadlines


Timeline and deadlines FPN & UM Electives 2023-2024 (Sept. 2023 - Feb. 2024)
including additional dates for the electives with an internship

March 2023  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
Interested in this elective? Inform the coordinator.  Start looking for a place to do your internship
   April 2023
  FPN Electives: Course descriptions available
Mon. 17 April 2023  

FPN electives: registration for electives opens
       Available FPN elective courses >>
        Sign-up form FPN Electives>>

All submissions have an equal chance to get their preferred elective(s).

If you want to do the Clinical Psychology package or the Internship "Professional in Psychology", submit the form as soon as possible.

Wed. 17 May 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package or 
Internship "Professional in Psychology": 
last date to register for this FPN elective.

Found an internship place? Congratulations! 
Use this form to send us the details.

Thu. 1 June 2023  

UM faculties: registration for electives and minors opens
Use 'special course request' in the student portal.

Sat. 17 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  Clinical Psychology package: last day to submit the contract. 
Fri. 23 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  FPN electives: registration closes 
Fri. 30 June 2023
23:59 hrs
  UM electives and minors: registration closes

14 July 2023  FPN electives: allocation result available

Mid July 2023  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Once the coordinator has approved your internship, you may begin.
January 2024  "Internship Professional in Psychology":
Last month to hand in the written report.
Email it to the elective coordinator.
  Table FPN electives of  v03 24-03-2023

Attendance obligation for tutorial group meetings

The regular attendance obligation applies.


The assessment method varies per courses. Most electives conclude with written exam or a short writing assignment, sometimes combined with oral presentations that will be marked. In addition to each test there will be one resit opportunity for each elective course within an academic year. Booking for written exams (and resits) will be done by the Education Office.

Grades obtained for FPN electives are not used in the calculation of the GPA.  This also applies to non-FPN students.

Tutorials and exams of elective courses are in English. Coordinators may allow students to answer exam questions in Dutch.  See the course manual or ask the course coordinator about the language allowed for answering exam questions.

What happens if you fail the assessment?

Resit/reassessment arrangements apply to students who in the first instance have not passed the assessment2. Keep in mind that elective courses might not be offered the following year, or might change. Therefore it might not be possible to resit the test in a later academic year. More specifically, the student who fails a written test will get one chance per academic year to resit that test. Resits are usually scheduled in January (for electives of period 1) and April (for electives of periods 2 and 3). 

The student who fails a writing assignment (individual paper) will also get one chance per academic year to rewrite the relevant paper. However, in order to rewrite a paper, the relevant paper should have been turned in before the deadline and a serious attempt should have been made (meaning that criteria regarding topic/content and number of words/pages should have been fulfilled).
A course exam is passed when a grade of 6.0 or higher has been obtained3. Insufficient grades for electives cannot be compensated or used as compensation.

FAQ and Contact


Questions about FPN Electives

I submitted the FPN electives form as soon as it became available, does that mean I get my preferred courses?
 'First come, first serve' does not apply, so as long as you submit before the deadline it's fine.

Can I change my preferrences for FPN electives?
Yes, and it is easy if it is before the submission deadline: just submit a new form, we will only use your latest submission. After the submission deadline, send an email to the Electives Coordinator explaining your wishes and she/he will see what is possible.

Do I get a copy of the submitted form?
Yes, within a few minutes of submitting, you should get an email with a copy of your submission.

I missed the submission deadline, what should I do?
Right after the deadline, we start with allocation. Approval will depend on availability and motivation. Requests for late registrations should be send to the Education Office.

What do I have to do if I cannot take part in my assigned elective?
Please notify the Education Office as soon as possible so that another student can take your place. Ask for a referral to the Academic Advisors if you need support.

See 'FAQ and Contact' page

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